JDM Custom

L:ove At First Site: Picking My Toyota Cresta Super Lucent At The Shipyard

Converting My 1993 Toyota Cresta To Biodiesel

I love diesels.  As the site owner of JayDM, I especially love Japanese-made diesels. Unfortunately Japanese-made diesel automobiles have suffered a bit of a reputation problem over the last couple… Read more »

JDM Girls

JDM Girls Of 2018

We’re a few months into the new year, and I thought to myself:  “The WorldWideWeb doesn’t have a 2018 JDM Girls post.  Well, here it is! Your welcome. This post… Read more »


JDM Towing A JDM

Towing Your JDM Car To Show

At this point I think it’s safe to assume that everyone knows why they should limit driving their show JDM car around just for kicks.  Rest assured there will be… Read more »

JDM Talk

Honda in Focus

Why JDM Cars Kick Ass

As a JDM enthusiast from early on, it’s been interesting to witness the huge rise in the popularity of JDM cars in the US. While the impressive engines in these mobile machines are… Read more »