JDM Custom

L:ove At First Site: Picking My Toyota Cresta Super Lucent At The Shipyard

Converting My 1993 Toyota Cresta To Biodiesel

I love diesels.  As the site owner of JayDM, I especially love Japanese-made diesels. Unfortunately Japanese-made diesel automobiles have suffered a bit of a reputation problem over the last couple… Read more »

JDM Girls

JDM Girls Of 2018

We’re a few months into the new year, and I thought to myself:  “The WorldWideWeb doesn’t have a 2018 JDM Girls post.  Well, here it is! Your welcome. This post… Read more »


JDM Towing A JDM

Towing Your JDM Car To Show

At this point I think it’s safe to assume that everyone knows why they should limit driving their show JDM car around just for kicks.  Rest assured there will be… Read more »

JDM Talk

Best JDM Cars of 2018

Japan has been right up there when speaking of technology, it all began in the 1980’s when the country was experiencing a drastic boom in the economy. Although in the… Read more »