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4 JDM Cars You Shouldn’t Customize

Have you ever thought of customizing your vehicle? What are the things you want to change or improve? Did you ever want to customize the engine for a more powerful… Read more »

JDM Girls

2020 Top 10 JDM Girls

It’s 2020, and you know what that means? Corona-virus? Murder hornets? Forest Fires? No. No, and No. Gentlemen start your engines, cause it’s time for this year’s highly anticipated Top… Read more »


This month we decided to take a look down memory lane and peruse some of our first blog posts. To be sure we’ve grown in the last 4 years, not… Read more »

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Surprising Facts About JDM That You Should Know About

Are you as big of a JDM fanatic as we are? Do you also gobble up JDM info just like a sponge? Then you must know a lot of facts… Read more »