2020 Top 10 JDM Girls

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It’s 2020, and you know what that means?

Corona-virus? Murder hornets? Forest Fires?

No. No, and No.

Gentlemen start your engines, cause it’s time for this year’s highly anticipated Top 10 JDM Girls of 2020!

#10 – The Tokyo Auto Salon Girls

So luckily, the TAS was scheduled in January before the proverbial shit hit the proverbial fan and we were able to catch a glimpse of some pretty sick cars including a sport-tuned, and upgraded Honda S660 and these two…

#9 – Awano Kisaragi

As the so-called “drift queen” of the streets and parking high-rises in Tokyo, Awano Kisaragi gets makes the list with her combination of killer looks and driving skills.

#8 – Nissan Amine

No Japanese-themed list would be complete without Amine, and nothing says JDM like Fox-Girl sitting behind a barely street legal Nissan 200SX.

#8 – Cutoff Jeans JDM

Washing a racing-tuned Honda Civic without a hood requires the utmost care, plenty of wax, and – of course – a hot girl in cheeky shorts.

#7 – Retro JDM Girl

As a purveyor of Japanese automotive culture, author, racer, Taryn Croucher is on bad-ass babe who treats her ultra-clean vintage 1975 Datsun 280Z as a actual living entity.

#6 – Yuri Shibuya

Though her street-cred isn’t quite there, and may not know the first thing about drifting, we think Car Show phenom Yuri Shibuya should be on the list just cause she’s super hot.

#5 – Team Civic 2020

As a rule, every good mod car show requires a wide array of vehicles, nice weather, and girls with short shirt-skirts.

#4 – JDM Bikini Girl

I am guessing that track racing attendance would plummet if not for gorgeous race girls like these.

#3 – Tattoos And Stilettos

Nothing says Japan racing quite like outlawed Yakuza Tattoos…on a naked girl…with Stillettos, posing in from of a modded-out Nissan Skyline.

#2 – Smokin’ Hot Red Nissan Silvia

It’s getting down to the wire, with this hot red and white combo at #2…

#1 – Smokin’ Hot White Honda NSX

…and the winner is…this street-legal white NSX and his lady in red!