4 JDM Cars You Shouldn’t Customize

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Have you ever thought of customizing your vehicle? What are the things you want to change or improve? Did you ever want to customize the engine for a more powerful one? JDM cars are known for customization. It is a great way to express yourself. 

Furthermore, it also makes you love your car even more. Just imagine adding serious power and then making some upgrades on a Nissan Skyline. That would make an awesome vehicle!

However, we still disagree with customizing all JDMs. Even if you can customize all you want, it doesn’t mean you have to. Some stock JDMS is just better at what they are already and there is no need to further customize them drastically. Here’s our list of the JDM cars that you shouldn’t customize:

Honda Civic Type R

Honda Civics are usually easy to modify to improve their performance. If you must and you really want to modify a Civic, then just get the EK9 as your project instead of meddling with the Type R. 

The Honda Civic Type R is a rare one. It is a hatchback and there is only a limited number that was produced. It is the first in the line of the Type R and made more famous by games such as Gran Turismo. Even as a stock vehicle, it is still awesome to drive. 

Mazda Cosmo

Next on the list is the Mazda Cosmo. Just by looking at it, you will see that it isn’t just a JDM car, it is a work of art combined with four wheels. It doesn’t need any enhancements as it already looks and feels great. It’s a classic and should stay as one. 

One thing that you should be doing to this vehicle, instead of customizing it, is maintaining it. It is fitted with a rotary engine, which some may not really appreciate and others may not. Nonetheless, you’ll see it’s real beauty if you purchase one for yourself. It is a classic beauty and it is better to maintain it that way. 

Toyota 2000GT

The Toyota 2000GT is another car that can capture you just by seeing it. Like the Mazda Cosmo, this is another classic masterpiece that is meant to be preserved. Just look at it and you’ll see nothing needs to be changed about it. 

Aside from being beautiful, this car is also a well-engineered one. Additionally, it is such a rare masterpiece and you won’t see it for sale often. Furthermore one of these would cost about half a million dollars. 

Nissan Figaro

The Nissan Figaro simply looks adorable. When you see it, you’d be thinking that it doesn’t belong in this era. It could pass as one of the cars produced way back in the 1960s due to its appearance and appeal. However, the two-sitter wasn’t made in the ’60s but in the ’90s. 

The design is classic which is why it looks older than it is. It is also made to be small and for use in the city. Unlike other cars, this is not designed to be a performance vehicle. Although you can modify it, it is so rare that it would be better to appreciate it as a stock one.