6 Things About JDMs That’s Hard To Like

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If it isn’t obvious, I have a soft spot for things Japanese.  I love the cars, the culture, the Kawaii, the close-communities – also – did I mention I am a huge fan of the cars!

But alas, there are just some things that’s I can’t really like no matter how I try. Well, in my opinion I think there are some things that’s just over the top. Thinking about some of them just makes you cringe.

Do you know of somethings that you wish the JDM community could have done better? Check out my list below and see if we share the same sentiments or if you beg to disagree with me.

6 Ultra-Low Suspension

Lowering the suspension for JDMs and other vehicles helps decrease the drag. This can greatly improve control over the vehicle, especially when you are going at top speeds. Although lowering the suspension is functional, those who go ultra low are just doing it for show.

Many car culture in Japan practice lowering their suspension as low as it can go and that is adapted with the JDM culture we have today. Ultra low suspension isn’t practical. It can cause problems when going over a speed bump. The underside of the vehicle can bump on the ground and get seriously damaged.

Similarly, it also causes extreme wear patterns on the wheels which are also uneven. If the suspension system gets caught up with the other systems in the vehicle, it can also case even more danger and increased risk.

Additionally, towing and lifting can be a problem because the vehicle cannot be easily towed. Also using manual jacks for ultra-low suspension vehicles can be a pain in the ass. This easy tool to  use will be a lot harder to maneuver with lowered car frames.

5 Extravagant Paint Jobs

Its true that the easiest way to customize your car is by painting it but some have clearly done it extravagantly.  Some have custom murals in them, there are Hello Kitty themed ones, and then there’s just plain weird ones that you can’t even understand what they’re trying to portray.

Don’t get me wrong, I love customization too but I’m just more of a classic lover, a minimalist perhaps. For me, over the top paint jobs are just wrong for a beautiful JDM classic. I’d change colors but I’d likely stick to classic solid colors with little accents.

4 Limited Truck Builds

Most people will seldom choose a truck to build but car cultures that do add variety to their car culture. Many people now modify their trucks but with JDMs, there’s only a limited number. Although we wish there can be more trucks, most people would still choose to build JDM cars.

A reason for this is the extra taxes placed on trucks. This is because Japan laws are more strict in taxing truck builds than other types of vehicles.

3 Small Variety

It’s true that JDM shows should have exclusive JDM cars to help build up its name but only sticking to JDM cars for shows may also not be good for the car culture. It is always best to have a variety of builds because having too similar ones can be boring.

It’s understandable that JDM car shows attract JDM enthusiasts but giving the show a bit of variety also attracts others who are interested in cars in general. This initial attraction helps open up doors for other enthusiast to get interested in JDMs as well.

2 Limited Meets

The JDM community seems to be very active on social media but in the real world they rarely meet. This may be due to the changing seasons and because most of the enthusiasts are in the cities.

Limited meets mean you don’t get to socialize personally with other JDM enthusiast. For some, this isn’t ideal because it doesn’t fuel the fire. When more people meet up regularly for JDM events, more ideas and a stronger car culture can be observed.

Apart from limited meets, there are also not so many car shows either. Most only have annual car shows. Ideally shows should be weekly to satisfy an enthusiast’s craving for all things about JDM.

1 Crazy Car Modifications

Crazy modifications do not end in paint. In fact they just start with it. Some of the crazier modifications in JDMs that I’ve seen involve the exhaust system.  Here’s one I can stop looking at:

Fugly Car Modifications On Exhaust

Fugly Car Modifications On Exhaust

Overly exaggerated exhaust systems really grab people’s attention but not always in a good way.

Trying to set this trend won’t really be successful because it doesn’t make the car gorgeous. Instead, it makes them more ugly, in my honest opinion. There are other super easy cosmetic modifications for JDM’s that doesn’t have to look ugly.

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