About Us


Hello and welcome  my name is Jay Holland and I am the man behind the controls at JayDM.com where we feature the cars, the shows, the lifestyle, and (of course) the girls of the JDM world.

While we are decidedly JDM-centric, we welcome anyone and everyone to our events, discussion, and comments.

My Background

Growing up in Tennessee I’ve been working on cars and driving them, real fast, in one way or another since the age of 12.  You might think that’s at bit crazy for a 12 year old, and it is – for most people that are not from my neck of the woods.  You might also be thinking:  what the hell does some kid from Tennesse know about JDM?  Over the years I’ve learned quite a lot actually, fuck you very much :)!

Current I do most of my work in Memphis, TN, but have been known to pick up and hit the West Coast in San Diego from time to time.