Converting My 1993 Toyota Cresta To Biodiesel

L:ove At First Site: Picking My Toyota Cresta Super Lucent At The Shipyard

L:ove At First Site: Picking My Toyota Cresta Super Lucent At The Shipyard

I love diesels.  As the site owner of JayDM, I especially love Japanese-made diesels.

Unfortunately Japanese-made diesel automobiles have suffered a bit of a reputation problem over the last couple of decades.

Almost to the point of extinction.

Between diesel-specific taxes levied in the 90’s, and the now infamous 1999 episode where the lead politician in Tokyo, Shintaro Ishihara, held up a black vial of diesel soot from along side a much clearer bottle of gasoline particulate, two things were abundantly clear to the Japanese consumer:

  1. Diesel = dirty
  2. Diesel = expensive

From 1990 when a respectable 7% of consumer cars on the Japanese roads were diesel, by 2006, there were only 1 diesel models available to purchase to the Japanese public, the beastly Landcruiser Prado from Toyota

It was a small miracle then that I was able to find a low-mile, fully functioning diesel powered 1993 Toyota Cresta X90 Super Lucent to import from Japan earlier this year. Featuring a Toyota 2L-TE Turbo 4-cylinder diesel the engine is wonderfully tuned has some get up around 3500, and with a upgraded LSD, the suspension is nice and tight.

So am I going to mod this bitch out?

Hell no!  I’m going to covert this baby to biodiesel.

Wha? Why?

Partly because I love the smell of fried kitchen grease, and partially because I care about the environment, okay?

I’ve also never done it before, and I think the Spartan look of this white little car is growing on me.

Think I’m crazy?  Got other ideas for my Cresta?  Let me know what you think in the comments below:


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