Purchasing JDM Parts From Japan

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JDM cars that you can purchase locally may not always be in their best shape. There can also be times when your JDM baby just can’t run anymore and is in need of spare parts. It is also possible that you just want to rebuild or mod your JDM. If that’s the case, where do you get the parts? Do you just rely on your luck and try your local auto shops for parts?

Why settle for what’s available when you can directly get spare parts from Japan. Unlike a decade ago, Japan is slowly opening itself to catering to the market overseas. Nowadays, there are shops in Japan that are already targeting customers overseas. They now have English-speaking staffs and it is easier to communicate with them.

However, even if the situation is better today, there are still some problems that can happen. Some shops don’t want to deal with customers using credit cards that are not issued in Japan. This is because of fraud orders. This is when fraud foreigner customers order something and use a stolen credit card. When the true owner notices the charge, they inform the bank and cancel the charges. By that time, the item has already shipped.

This is also true in the case of JDM parts because they are expensive. However, there is still a possibility to purchase from Japan through online platforms such as the following:


eBay is very well known as an online platform where you can buy or sell almost anything. This is also true for JDM parts. Usually, the JDM parts posted on eBay are created by Expats or those who speak English and would want to target the overseas market. This is great news as they post details about the JDM parts in the language you understand.

However, not all parts that you are looking for may be available on eBay. The availability of parts depends on what someone posts. Also, it can be difficult to filter out the exact products you wish to buy.

Yahoo Auction Japan

Another well-known online selling site is Yahoo Auction. Many JDM enthusiasts turn to this site when they need parts because the parts are likely available here. There are lots to choose from but the site is in Japanese so it can be difficult to navigate or communicate with the sellers.

Also, not all sellers are willing to ship outside of Japan. You’d need to find a 3rd party logistics company to ship the item to you. Moreover, the items here may have been bought from others and are resold here for more profit.


In 2014, Croooober started as a marketplace for JDM parts from Japan. They ship worldwide and have loads of parts that will make every JDM car customization enthusiast glee with delight. The site is specifically for the automotive industry so searching for parts is easier. Apart from the huge inventory, they also have English-speaking staff.