Super Easy Cosmetic Car Mods Anyone Can Do

Looking for some kick-ass in-depth body mod that totally transforms your car into a show-ready, screamin’ demon – well you’ve come to the wrong article.

Today’s article is for on the wallet cosmetic mods, which are so fucking easy, that anyone can do them.

JDM customized

No, This Is Not A JDM Car

Stickers and Decals

A huge variety of stickers and decals are now available in the market to decorate and redesign your car. There are different designs and they may even be different colors available for a specific design. Choosing which to use is a personal choice. Make your car truly yours by selecting designs that you feel will represent you or your style.

The stickers and decals can be placed in various areas of your vehicle. Smaller ones are great for windshields and windows. Larger decals and stickers are also available for the body of your car. You can even go crazy and stickerbomb parts of your vehicle like the bumper or hood.

Stitch Design

Do you dig the Frankenstein look? A cracked bumper will provide the perfect opportunity to go for that look. This design is also known as the “drifter’s stitch” and it’s done by using zip ties and a drill.

Here’s a step by step guide on how to do that:

  1. Close the crack by using some tape to hold the two pieces together. This helps position the two parts of the bumper so that they line together.
  2. Place tape on top of the crack. This is where you’ll drill the holes. The tape helps make sure the drill doesn’t slide.
  3. Select a drill bit that’s closest to the size of the zip ties. Drill holes about 0.5 inches apart on both sides of the crack.
  4. Remove the tape and insert zip ties on each of the holes on one side of the crack.
  5. Follow a criss-cross pattern and lock the zip ties in place.

Contrast Or Accent Bonnet

You can paint your car’s bonnet with a contrasting color to make it pop. It provides a visual accent without having to repaint your entire vehicle.

Some may cringe at the site of a contrasting bonnet and if you’re one of them, you might find adding a few accent stripes to be enough. You can use foil or you can also use spray cans for the stripe.

Don’t make the mistake of drawing the stripe freehand style. Use tapes to create straight lines and to cover the parts of your car which you don’t want to paint on. This creates sleek and straight stripes.

Artistic Roof

Another part of your vehicle where you can express your creativity is the roof. Do you want a flag painted on it? Maybe a checkered print or more stripes? Let your imagination run wild and create a masterpiece on your roof. You can freehand your creation or use guides or stencils.

Rim Makeover/Cleanup

Your JDM may come in great condition but you may still see some wear and tear or even dirt on the rims and hubcaps. It may even be rusty. There are different ways you on how you can make them look good as new.

The first way is to simply clean the rims. Sometimes, the rims aren’t really worn out but are just dirty. Remove the tires from the rims, separate them and give them a good cleaning.

If cleaning still didn’t bring your rims back to their former glory, you can paint them. Don’t just grab your can of spray paint and go crazy. You first have to remove the old paint by sanding them.

Before you paint them, you can fill the dents with a 2-component compound. Let this harden and you’re ready to prime the rims. After priming, you may need to sand them for a smoother surface before finally painting them.

Whether you’ve repainted your rims or not, it’s a great idea to buff and polish them. You can also replace the caps to complete the rim makeover.

Interior Upgrade

Don’t forget that cosmetic customization doesn’t end in the exterior of your car. You can also customize the interior not only by making it look great but making it more comfortable too. You can change the car seat covers and opt for comfier ones. You can also add a few decorative pieces on the dashboard to complement your style.