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Well designed JDM bodies and mods are a key component to a standout car, but let’s be serious – you can’t show a proper JDM car without some bad-a$$ wheels baby!

Shit-wheels standout like a sore thumbs, and finding the right wheels to fit your ride it absolutely critical.  And a true-blooded JDM enthusiast doesn’t just any wheel available for their JDM. They also take their time and effort to score reliable ones.

There are a few sought after JDM wheel brands including SSR, WedsSport, Enkei, and Advan. These popular ones re now easier to score as there are already some shops here in the US that carry them.

Other less popular wheel companies would include radi8, Cosmis Wheels, Work Wheels, Volk Racing Tom’s Racing, and Rotiform wheels, to name a few. These wheels are also available in several shops in the US. However if what you’re looking for isn’t available in any shops within the country, you can always try online. There are online shops that can ship the items to you straight from Japan.

Selecting The Right JDM Wheels For Your Car

When selecting JDM wheels for your vehicle, you just don’t get what is available. Sure it can be difficult for some to find the right wheel that they want and the one suitable for their JDM but finding one is part of the thrill of owning a JDM.

Brands are a good way to start finding the right wheels for your car. However, you should also know the right size of the wheels for your JDM. Talking with shop owners who are also car enthusiasts can better help you score some wheels that you’ve been searching for. Changing wheels is a great first step in setting your car apart from others. There are lots to choose from and getting the right ones can make or break the look that you are aiming for.

Reasons To Upgrade Your Wheels

When you bought your JDM, it is highly likely that they already got JDM wheels on them. However, upgrading them is a personal choice that you can choose to make. Many JDM enthusiasts upgrade their stock wheels not only for aesthetic purposes but also for performance.

When upgrading your wheels it is best to figure out first why you would want to upgrade them. Is it because you just want them to look better? Do you think the wheels your JDM came with are just old and need replacement? Or are you looking to improve the performance as well?

Types Of JDM Wheels

When shopping for JDM wheels, you will usually come up with two different types available on the market. They are the race-oriented wheels and those that are simply made to be aesthetically pleasing.

Race-Oriented Wheels Or Sport Wheels

A proper race car should be fitted with this kind of wheel. This will usually have a flat wheel face and the spokes will also be usually thin and straight. With this design, a lighter wheel is achieved. For those focused on racing or performance, it is very important to take note of the weight of the wheels. As racing JDM car enthusiasts, you’d want the lightest wheel possible to save on the overall weight.

To further save on weight, the material used to create the wheels is also carefully selected. Usually, the racing wheels are made of aluminum. They can be a one-piece cast or multiple casts that are forged together.

The thin and straight spokes don’t only save on the weight of the wheel. They also the optimal design when it comes to keeping your brakes cool even when used heavily. Thinner and straighter spokes make it a lot easier for the air to circulate and keep the brakes cooler.

Aesthetic Wheels or Show Wheels

The main goal of having an aesthetic or show wheels is to grab people’s attention. These wheels can easily set your car apart from other JDMS. There are a lot of options when it comes to aesthetic wheels. Most of them now have concave wheel faces. These wheels also focus on how they fit with the fenders of the vehicle. They also come in a variety of colors.

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