The “Showiest” JDM Cars For Car Shows

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Have you ever attended JDM car shows? If you’re like me, then you’d also want to impress those who are there to admire and appreciate JDM cars.

What better way to do that than to bring your best JDM or at least don’t bring cringe-worthy modified JDMs.

If you haven’t purchased a JDM yet, then now is the best time to buy. US import laws regarding vehicles only allow those that have reached 25 years of age. In 2019, the R32 Nissan Skyline just reached that mark. Lots of enthusiasts are excited or it and lots of dealerships have now opened all over the country.

Whether you’re looking for a JDM to bring to a show, add to your collection or just to drive around, here are the best JDM cars to purchase:

Nissan Skyline

An iconic car, it should not come as a surprise that the Nissan Skyline GT-R belongs to this list. Does it look familiar? Well, that’s because it has been in various movies and video games. For years, many car enthusiasts have only dreamt of how this car performs but now it’s available.

One reason why it’s quite popular would be due to its great performance in racing as it leads the Australian Touring Car Championship way back in 1990. Add to the popularity is the increasing value of this vehicle for all models from C10 to R34.

If you do want to get the most covetable unit, then try to find the GT-Rs because they were only produced in a limited quantity. Today, you can get the R34 GT-R but you’d have to wait for 4 more years for the R34.

Toyota MR2

The Toyota MR2 sports a mid-engine layout and was inspired by Italian supercars. These were also produced in limited quantities so getting your hands on them would be a great buy.

You can expect the price to rise as it still gains more popularity. If you find a GT or GT-S models, then you better think twice about letting them go. They are very desirable for their turbocharged engine.

Mazda RX-7

If you’re on the hunt for sports cars, then the Mazda RX-7 is likely on your list too as it is with ours. Like the Skyline, it has also been used in various video games and films that’s why it is very popular.

Although this was sold in the US, it’s quite difficult to find one that has low mileage. That changed when it became available for import. It is one of the best looking JDM cars and will surely be a head-turner and cult favorite at car shows.

Toyota Land Cruiser

Let’s take a break from sports cars for this esteemed four-wheel off-road vehicle, the Toyota Land Cruiser. With the JDM model, you get a gas engine as well as a turbo-diesel option. The gas-powered ones are highly desired and their values continue to rise not only here in the US but worldwide.

Nissan Cima / Cedric / Gloria

For enthusiasts who focus more on luxury and style, the Cima, Cedric, and Gloria are the best to purchase. These are British inspired luxury vehicles. Apart from not being available in the US, these are sought after because of the diversity they have to offer. They can come as a rear or four-wheel drive. Also, various engine combinations are available.


With the turning of the year, more cars have become available for the JDM enthusiasts here in the US. Some of the vehicles to get when you simply want the best are the Nissan Skyline, Toyota MR2, Mazda, RX-7, Toyota Land Cruiser, and Nissan Cima / Cedric / Gloria.