Winter Tires For Your Prized JDM

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Changing seasons can be brutal to cars and I get why you wouldn’t want to risk damaging your JDM baby out in the cold. The temperature is not the only main concern but also the condition of the road during winter.  And since most Japanese made vehicles for the domestic market were front wheel drive, it’s an especially big concern in sleet and snow.

But did you know that there are tires for JDMs that are made for winter?

Tires specifically made for winter have been always available but not all people are aware of them.  Most vehicles have “all-weather” tires so most owners don’t bother checking.

Before you shrug the idea of using winter tires on your Rota rims, know that using them is already on an upward trend. That comes to no surprise because of its benefits such as the following:

Added Grip

Compared to summer tires, winter tires are made up of more silica. This prevents the rubber tire from hardening even when rolling on an icy road, thus, providing better grip. Traction is maintained and it is less likely for the car to spin and slip.

The grip is also an important factor when it comes to safety. With grip, drivers have better control and they can use their brakes properly.

Improve Fuel Economy

Without the sliding and spinning on ice, it won’t take as much power to control the car. You won’t have to burn loads of fuel just to push your car to move in the direction you want to go.

Even if winter tires can cost more than your regular tires, the fuel you save pretty much pays for what you spend on the wheels. A word of advice: Make sure to choose quality winter tires even if they cost a little bit more than lower quality ones.

Maintain Stability

One car hack that some drivers advice for car owners driving on winter weather is to let some pressure out of the tires. This adds grip to the tires but this would also mean reduced stability for your car. You can feel this, especially when turning on tight corners.

Instead of losing stability, just use your winter tires for the winter months. It’s much safer to do so.

Note On Studs On Tires: Metal or ceramic studs may also be present in some winter tires but such tires may or may not be allowed on different states during wintertime. It is best to check local laws and rules about the use of studded tires. To be sure, just use non-studded winter tires for the coldest months of the year.